Pamela Bergson
Modulation of Ion Channel Density by Intermittent Hypoxia, 2009
Advisor: Nanduri Prabhakar
Current Position: Mobile Engineering Manager
Hilary Bierman
The Startle Response of Fishes: An Inter- and Intraspecies Examination of Neural Control, 2007
Advisor: Melina Hale
Current Position: Senior Lecturer at University of Maryland, College Park
Katie Bittner
Gating and Permeation in an Isoform of the T-type Calcium Channel CaV 3.1, 2009
Advisor: Dorothy Hanck
Current Position: Senior Scientist at Medtronic
James Bowen
P23 Protein Function and Its Role in App Family Protein Trafficking, 2006
Advisor: Gopal Thinakaran
Current Position: Executive Director of Corporate Alliances at University of Pennsylvania
Christopher Breder
Endogenous Pyrogens in the Mammalian Central Nervous System, 1992
Advisor: Clifford Saper
Current Position: Medical Officer, Neurology and Toxic Products USFDA
Thaddeus Brink
Raphe Magnus and Modulation of Visceral Inputs, 2004
Advisor: Peggy Mason
Current Position: Principal Scientist for Pelvic Health & Gastric Therapies at Medtronic
Jonathan Britt
Investigations on the Regulation of Dopamine Release and the Role of Dopamine in Striatal Synaptic Plasticity, 2009
Advisor: Daniel McGehee
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Psychology at McGill University
Nathan Buerkle
Evolution of Neural Computation in Color Vision Circuits, 2020
Advisor: Palmer
Current Position: Postdoctoral Research at Yale
Anthony Caggiano
Eicosanoids Nitric Oxide and Microglial Activation, 1998
Advisor: Richard Craig
Current Position: Vice President & Director at Acorda Therapeutics
Matthew Campioni
Investigations into the Mechanisms of Stress- and Corticosterone-Mediated Synaptic Plasticity in the Nucleus Accumbens, 2011
Advisor: Daniel McGehee
Current Position: Investment Specialist at Merrill Edge