Mary Kate Worden
The physiological role of proctolin as a cotransmitter of an identified skeletal motoneuron in an insect, 1989
Advisor: Michael O'Shea
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Virginia
David Wren-Hardin
Organization of The Avian Forebrain Nucleus HVC For Spectral and Temporal Parameters of Song, 1997
Advisor: Daniel Margoliash
Current Position: Senior Trader at Critical Trading, LLC
Huan Xu
The Role of m6A mRNA Methylation in Oligodendrocyte Development, CNS Myelination, and Remyelination, 2021
Advisor: Brian Popko
Natalia Zhukovskaya
The Catalytic Mechanism and Cellular Functions of Anthrax Adenylyl Cyclase Toxin, 2005
Advisor: Wei-Jen Tang
Current Position: Researcher, University of Pennsylvania