Julian Day-Cooney
Perceptual Weighting of Mouse V1 Spikes Revealed by Optogenetic White Noise Stimulation, 2021
Advisor: John Maunsell
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow Vollum Institute Oregon Health & Science University
Scott DeBoer
Axonal and Dendritic Sorting of APP, 2012
Advisor: Sangram Sisodia
Current Position: Resident Neurology at Johns Hopkins
Steven DeVries
Neurotransmitter and Second Messenger Control of Electrical Synapses, 1988
Advisor: Eric Schwartz
Current Position: David Shoch, MD, PhD Professor of Ophthalmology
Jennifer Ding
Receptive Field Properties Underlying Noncontinuous Motion Responses in the Retinal Direction-Selective Ganglion Cell, 2021
Advisor: Wei Wei, John Maunsell
Chester Drum
Molecular Mechanisms of Ligand Gated Intracellular Signa, 2002
Advisor: Wei-Jen Tang
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Medicine at National University of Singapore, consultant cardiologist and director of the clinical trial innovation lab
Gabrielle Edgerton
Gating Modification by ProTxII in Voltage-Gated Na+ and T-type Ca2+ Channels, 2010
Advisor: Dorothy Hanck
Current Position: Founder and Principal Consultant at Red Pen Scientific, Inc. and Science Communications Consultant at Optimize Science
Tahra Eissa
Mechanisms and Translational Aspects of Propagating, Focal Neocortical Seizure Activity, 2017
Advisor: Wim van Drongelen
Current Position: Research Associate at University of Colorado Boulder
Gina Elsen
An Investigation of the Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Zebrafish Hindbrain Morphogenesis, 2009
Advisor: Victoria E. Prince
Current Position: Senior Scientist at VCanBio Center for Translational Biotechnology
Zara Fagen
Understanding drug abuse vulnerability: The role of nicotinic receptors, stress hormones and synaptic plasticity, 2004
Advisor: Daniel McGehee
Current Position: Author, Minimalist Homeschooling
Laurel Farmer
CLC-3 Chloride Channels Moderate Long-Term Potentiation at Schaffer Collateral-CA1 Synapses, 2013
Advisor: Deborah Nelson
Current Position: Medical Director at Precision for Value