Amir Fayyazuddin
Mechanosensory Control of Firing Phase in a Synchronous Flight Muscle of the Blowfly, Calliphora, 1998
Advisor: Michael Dickinson and Philip Lloyd
Current Position: Scientist at Dart NeuroScience LLC
Celia Fernandez
Palmitoylation Mediates Neuron-Specific BACE1 Localization: Implications for APP Processing , 2015
Advisor: Gopal Thinakaran
Current Position: Institute Research Investigator at MD Anderson Cancer Center
Vincent Ferrera
The Perception of Two-Dimensional Moving Patterns, 1989
Advisor: Hugh Wilson
Current Position: Professor of Psychiatry Columbia University
Jennifer Foss
Control of multistability in neural feedback systems with delay, 1999
Advisor: John Milton
Current Position: Financial Engineer at The Options Clearing Corporation
Lyle Fox
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Modulation of Neuromuscular Synapses in Aplysia Californica, 2000
Advisor: Philip Lloyd
Current Position: Project Scientist Department of Pain Management at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio
Cristianne Frazier
An Ethological Perspective on the Role of Dopamine in Feeding Behavior and Energy Balance, 2011
Advisor: Xiaoxi Zhuang
Current Position: Assistant Director, Technology Commercialization at the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Chicago
Douglas Gelb
A Study of Size Perception in Human Vision, 1982
Advisor: Hugh Wilson
Current Position: Professor of Neurology at University of Michigan
Jonathan Genzen
Modulation of Sensory Transmission by Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Activation, 2002
Advisor: Daniel McGhee
Current Position: Assistant Professor at University of Utah; Medical Director in Automated Core Laboratory at ARUP Laboratories
Daniel Gill
Muscarinic downregulation of SK2-Type K+ conductances promotes intrinsic plasticity in L2/3 pyramidal neurons of the mouse primary somatosensory cortex, 2019
Advisor: Hansel
Current Position: Acsel Health Management Consultant
Miriam Goodman
A Functional Analysis of Potas- Sium Currents in Turtle Cochlear Hair Cells, 1995
Advisor: Jonathan Art
Current Position: Professor of Molecular & Cellular Physiology, Stanford University School of Medicine