Chun Lim
The Neuroanatomical Connections of the Human Hippocampal Formation: The Dentate Hilus, 1996
Advisor: Clifford Saper
Current Position: Cognitive Neurologist, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School and Director, Cognitive Neurology Fellowship Training Program
William Lin
Cell Biology of Pink1, A Protein Mutated in a Recessive Form of Parkinson's Disease, 2008
Advisor: Un Jung Kang
Current Position: Field Application Scientist GE Healthcare
Jessica Loweth
Transient Viral-Mediated Overexpression of Calcium/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II & Behavioral Responding to Amphetamine, 2009
Advisor: Paul Vezina
Current Position: Assistant Professor Neuroscience at Rosalind Franklin University
Catherine Lowry
Context and Chemistry as Factors for Innate Odor Responses, 2005
Advisor: Leslie Kay
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Psychology at Longwood University
Matthew Macellaio
Computational Benefits and Behavioral Implications of Multidimensional Sensory Tuning, 2018
Advisor: Leslie Osborne
Current Position: Associate Data Scientist, Hartford Financial Services
Atul Mallik
Organization and Plasticity of Response Properties in the Primary Visual Cortex, 2009
Advisor: Naoum Issa
Current Position: Assistant Professor Radiology at Loyola University
Jaime Gonzalo Mancilla
The Timing of Inhibition in Regularly Spiking Cells of Turtle Visual Cortex, 1999
Advisor: Philip Ulinski
Current Position: Assistant Professor at Northern Michigan University
Benjamin Marcus
Amphetamine Conditioned Place Preference in Humans, 2016
Advisor: Harriet de Wit
Current Position: CG Life Senior Account Executive, Public Relations
Lisa Marubi
Characterization of a Novel Subunit of a Calcium Channel, 1995
Advisor: Louis Philipson and Richard J. Miller
Current Position: Executive Field Medical Scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb
Thomas Masino
The Organization of Tectofugal Pathways Underlying Directed Movement in the Frog Rana Pipiens, 1987
Advisor: Paul Grobstein
Current Position: Data Scientist at Applied Deep Learning