Faculty and Trainers

Assistant Professor, Biochem/Mol Bio
PI last name in publications: ARAÇ ARAÇ LAB RESEARCH Cells in multicellular organisms have the extraordinary ability of adhering to each other and exchanging...
Professor, Psychology
Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy
Professor, Biochem/Mol Bio
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry & Behav. Neurosci
Dr. Stephanie Cacioppo focuses on the neurobiology of the social self. HER BIG QUESTION: FROM ME TO WE: HOW AND WHY THE BRAIN FORMS, MAINTAINS AND RESTORES LASTING...
Assistant Professor, Mol Gen/Cell Bio
The long term goals of my lab are to understand the molecules and developmental programs that regulate neuronal development and wiring. To this end, we investigated the...
Professor, Pediatrics-Kennedy Center
A major focus of the Dawson Lab is to better understand neurodegeneration and how to prevent or reverse childhood inherited lysosomal storage diseases. The 13 forms of...
Professor, Psychiatry & Behav. Neurosci
The de Wit laboratory investigates the subjective, behavioral and physiological effects of drugs of abuse in healthy human volunteers. Some studies are designed to...
Professor, Psychology
Professor, Neurobiology
We study mechanosensory signaling by the inner ear. We focus on the mouse utricle, where we have access to mechanosensitive receptor cells and primary afferent neurons...