AJ Miller-Hansen
AJ Miller-Hansen
Graduate Student in the laboratory of Sherman Murray
Congratulations to AJ Miller-Hansen (Sherman Lab) for winning first place for his presentation at the Chicago Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting!
Nelson Medina
Graduate Student in the laboratory of Daniel Margoliash
I really enjoy being part of a collegial environment that promotes diversity of ideas and rigorous thinking about science. The core courses, along with lab rotations, provided me with a strong foundation in neuroscience and helped me find a lab and research question that I am excited about. Monthly socials are a great opportunity to exchange ideas, meet others within the neuroscience cluster, and play some Ping-Pong!
Jen Ding
Graduate Student in the laboratory of Wei Wei
My favorite aspect of my graduate student experience has been the warm and supportive neuroscience community here at UChicago. I am constantly surprised by how open and accessible all the faculty, postdocs, and graduate students are in discussing scientific ideas. This type of environment encourages collaborations to form fluidly and organically within the department and has immensely broadened the scope of my scientific thinking.