Welcome from the Chair

Daniel McGehee, Chair of the Committee on Neurobiology

"There has never been a more exciting time to enter neuroscience research. Advances in understanding and new technologies are providing amazing insights into the puzzle that is the nervous system. The University of Chicago neuroscience community has a long and storied history of important contributions to our understanding of the brain. Many of the most important contributions have arisen through graduate student research.  

The Committee on Neurobiology training program includes faculty from 9 different departments in three different divisions of the University. Our training faculty is highly collaborative, and opportunities to work across disciplines are actively supported to explore neural mechanisms.

The diversity of our faculty provides training opportunities from human brain imaging and disease mechanisms through exploration of neural development, learning mechanisms, and molecular structure/function. The University is committed to supporting graduate training at all levels, and we hope that you will consider joining our efforts to generate knowledge and become the next wave of talented future leaders in the field."